Eid Al Fitr

Posted on: 15 June 2018

RAMADAN has seen Muslims participate in a month of fasting and religious introspection, and many are now revelling in the celebration of Eid Al Fitr. Muslims can be heard greeting one another with the phrase Eid Mubarak. But what does Eid Mubarak mean?

Eid Al Fitr will have Muslims take to mosques and public spaces in celebration of their long month of Ramadan fasting, which ended yesterday.

Eid is celebrated on a different date every year due to differences between the Gregorian and Islamic calendar, and this year it falls today on June 15.

The Eid tradition of eating food and taking part in fun and games is already off to a flying start in parks and public spaces all around the UAE, as Eid in the Park commences.


We wish all our friends, partners, customer and all Muslims a happy Eid ul Fitr.